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I want to thank everyone reading for your support. I hope you know I really like what I do and wish I could make drawing thicc waifus a full time thing. That being said, due to content restriction issues on social media sites and Patreon, I'll be changing how supporters access uploads.

Based on your tier, you'll be receiving a password bi-monthly through Patreon's DMs. This password will grant access to the Special Menu and Secret Menu on my website. These menus will act as Patreon has for the past few years, with regularly scheduled uploads for your immediate viewing pleasure.

NEW PASSWORDS WILL BE SENT ON THE 1ST AND 15TH OF EVERY MONTH. Tasty Burgers will have receive one password for the SPECIAL MENU, whereas Gourmet Milkshakes will receive two passwords for the SPECIAL MENU and the SECRET MENU.

I know the additional few steps to access paid content may be annoying at first, but it was the simplest solution I could find. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to let me know.

PS: I will still be uploading the Zesty Fries Tier rewards and work in progress sketches to the Patreon, but all Tasty Burger and Gourmet Milkshake rewards will be uploaded exclusively to the BnS site. Again, thank you everyone for your support! It means so much to me!

tl;dr $5/$10 Tier Patrons can now access their content exclusively through my website. Passwords for said content will be Dm'd through Patreon messaging.

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